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Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been re-elected for another 4 years and the Chamber congratulates the Lord Mayor and all elected councillors for a successful 2012 win.  See photos HERE2011 Vistors Guide and Map for Haymarket/Chinatown LaunchedGo to pick up your copy of the Haymarket... Read more



The business community in Haymarket is well represented by groups engaged in retail and personal services, tourist, cultural and leisure, professional and business services, finance and financial services, and food and drink.

Haymarket Chinatown is a great place to live in, work, trade, even visit for tourists’ behalf. Being part of such community is a delightful experience; whether you’re a resident or a tourist since Haymarket Chamber of Commerce guarantees the welfare of everyone.

Be amazed as you uncover the rich culture of Haymarket Chinatown .With number of tourist destinations that tell the community’s history, you’ll be filled with relevant facts as you visit and stroll around the place. In fact, Haymarket Chinatown welcomes 2.5 million tourists per annum to experience the diversity on offer.

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