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"The Forgotten Voyage: Where the Australia-China Story Began" Exhibition LaunchPhoto source: Xinhua News AgencyHCC was recently invited to attend the launch of Xinhua News Agency's photographic depiction of  the history of Australia and China relations featuring the... Read more

 Dragon Footsteps Sydney Chinatown's well known local identity King Fong has recently released the book "Dragon Footprints; King Fong's Historic Recollections" published by Asian Media Centre following the television series "Dragon Footprints" featuring six outstanding Chinese Australians... Read more

HCC Asia Panel Success   24 September 2014

HCC Asia Panel Event SuccessPanel Photo from L to R: Dominic Ong, Professord David Goodman, Sharon Chen, Benjamin Law, Ky Chow,Professor Philip Cox, Jessie Xiao and Helene Chung MartinPhotograpy by Jeff TanThank you to our exceptional panel and moderators who were all engaging, dynamic, highly... Read more

Haymarket is the leading Walkable Suburbs in Australia!Sydney and Melbourne are by far Australia’s most walkable cities according to US company Walk Score, which released walkability rankings of Australia’s largest cities last week.  Haymarket is ranked as the leading... Read more

CBS interviews chef Neil Perry -- godfather of the greatest food in Sydney – who offers a tour of the city's evolving Chinatown and Koreatown."Sydney has an Asian heart and soul," says Perry. "That's what makes Australian food so different from many other cuisines in the world."Chef Neil Perry... Read more

The Art of War for SMES   12 August 2014

The Art of War for SMEsThe  'Art of War', regarded as a powerful manual for ambitious, innovative, and savvy small business owners and cited as essential reading for business leaders.   According to Sun Tzu there are five essentials for victory namely;1 .He will win who... Read more

Fashion Chamber of Commerce   6 August 2014

Chamber of Commerce Diversifies  A Chamber of Commerce can come in different forms and most recently the Australian Fashion Chamber launched its membership and mentorship program.  Chambers are not for profit organisations made up of relevant industry experts and business owners who... Read more

Recycling in Chinatown   4 August 2014

Recycling in ChinatownThe City of Sydney has launched the city's first vending machinese that recycle empty plastic bottles and cans.  Located on Dixon Street Mall, Haymarket.  With the ability to hold up to 2000 containers this form of recycling is aimed at reducing the 15,000 cans and... Read more

 Haymarket the Highest Migrant Suburb in AustraliaAustralian Bureau of Statistic (ABS)  2011 reports, migrants tended to be most concentrated around a number of key urban centres in Sydney. In the inner city, a large majority of residents in the suburbs of Haymarket (88%), Sydney CBD... Read more

HCC AGM & Winter Event 2014   29 July 2014

 HCC AGM & Winter Event 2014Photo Highlights       With over 100 attendees, thank you to our many attendees / members who provided us with their positive feedback regarding the event's genuine networking, the great venue and the... Read more



The business community in Haymarket is well represented by groups engaged in retail and personal services, tourist, cultural and leisure, professional and business services, finance and financial services, and food and drink.

Haymarket Chinatown is a great place to live in, work, trade, even visit for tourists’ behalf. Being part of such community is a delightful experience; whether you’re a resident or a tourist since Haymarket Chamber of Commerce guarantees the welfare of everyone.

Be amazed as you uncover the rich culture of Haymarket Chinatown .With number of tourist destinations that tell the community’s history, you’ll be filled with relevant facts as you visit and stroll around the place. In fact, Haymarket Chinatown welcomes 2.5 million tourists per annum to experience the diversity on offer.

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