Sydney Chinese Museum Proposed

Sydney Chinese Museum Proposed

"Cities are at the forefront of many developments, including ones that challenge their future"

Jasper Visser


With more than half of the world's population living in cities, the challenge and opportunity will be how these cities build, harness and engage communities of diverse peoples for the future.


Haymarket's unique character represents a historical and cultural place of more than a century of Australian Chinese culture and commerce and with a community today of over 2500 businesses and 16,000 residents ,Haymarket holds a rich history that will be a central source for its future prosperity. 


Since mid last year HCC continues discussions with stakeholders, HCC members, City of Sydney Council and heritage groups in advocating a Chinese Australian museum at the Haymarket Library site.  This valuable cultural place will be to share the rich and diverse stories that reflect the past, present and future of Chinese Australians. 


With the recent announcement by City of Sydney Councilor Craig Chung this week initiating the move in Council for a Chinese Museum, HCC is very pleased to see this further advancing our commitment in securing the site as Sydney's Australian Chinese Museum.  We look forward to keeping you up to date on its progress.



"There is immense interest in our Chinese culture in our part of the world  today... curious to know how Chinese culture has survived the thousands of years of evolution and turmoil to be practised daily in this generation and in Australia.  Tourists seek these stories of past dynasties and marvel at the arts and crafts."  HCC Co-founder and renowned Chinatown Tour Guide George Wing Kee