History of Haymarket Chinatown

History of Haymarket Chinatown

History of Haymarket Chinatown


So-named because of its 1800s cattle and corn markets, the Haymarket area is best known today for exotic Chinatown.

Sydney’s original Chinese community settled in The Rocks, but moved to the Haymarket area in the early 1900’s. Many of the community were market gardeners and traders, and shops and restaurants naturally followed – especially in Dixon Street.

In 1980, Dixon Street became Sydney’s official Chinatown after the Sydney City Council, Dixon Street property owners and business owners jointly raised funds to build the ceremonial archways at the entrance to the area.

Over the past three decades, the area has seen significant growth and modern day Haymarket Chinatown now plays host to hundreds of interesting eateries, bakeries, clothing and jewellery shops.

The bustling Paddy’s Market, with its colourful array of fruits and vegetables, crafts and bric a brac, has developed to become one of Sydney’s iconic attractions.  For a more detailed history on this market visit

Paddysmarket's History

Haymarket Chi natown is also home to the City’s cinema precinct, Central Station, the Light Rail Terminus and the World Square development.