Member Offer: The Legend of Shangri La

Member Offer: The Legend of Shangri La


The Official Opening of The Year of Chinese Culture in Australia-the Legend of Shangri La, the Chinese Rhythm & Dance Sensation, featuring Chinese Superstar Yang Liping, will be held in State Theatre from 22 June. City Council is also a big supporter. Can you please help forward it to your members and friends,  Haymarket Chamber of Commerce 's member


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Over 5000 years in the making…


From the beautiful and remote Yunnan province of China comes a rhythm and dance sensation, The Legend of Shangri La.

Featuring 50 dancers and musicians, spectacular drums, an amazing display of costumes and over 100 hand-made masks, The Legend of Shangri La is a rich tapestry of ancient folklore, ethnic traditions and contemporary dance.

The official opening of the Year of Chinese Culture in Australia, The Legend of Shangri La is choreographed by Chinese Super Star Liping Yang, who will perform her universally renowned dance ‘Soul of the Peacock’.


Award winning The Legend of Shangri La has performed to critical acclaim in both its home country and the USA. Performing at the State Theatre- Sydney, from Wednesday June 22, for a strictly limited time only.


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Wanni Zhu 

Event Coordinator 

Ausfeng Event Productions 

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