Ausgrid: Chinatown Electricity Works Update

Ausgrid: Chinatown Electricity Works Update



What’s happening in Chinatown?

As you are aware, Ausgrid (formerly EnergyAustralia) is currently upgrading the electricity network in Chinatown. This upgrade will help to secure the electricity supply in Chinatown and Haymarket for coming decades.

We are working to complete this upgrade before the City of Sydney Council conducts their beautification project in the area.

What has been completed?

Kimber Lane substation

Ausgrid decommissioned an old substation in Kimber Lane and constructed a new larger capacity substation in its place. This project cost $3 million and was completed in 2010. This new substation helps provide a much needed improvement to the supply, reliability and safety of the electricity network for local businesses and residents. New cables currently being installed in Chinatown are using electricity from the Kimber Lane substation.

Cable installation works in Factory St

The work in Factory St was time consuming as old cables and asbestos ductlines needed to be removed before the new cables could be installed. This was a time consuming process as safety of staff and the community when handling asbestos is paramount.

Ausgrid contractors also encountered construction issues with the monorail footing impacting on the cable laying process.

New high voltage and low voltage electrical cables have now been installed in Factory St and work is completed.

What work remains?

Cable installation works in Little Hay St

Ausgrid contractors are currently conducting work in Little Hay St between Sussex St and Harbour St. This work again involves the removal of old cables and asbestos ductlines and the installation of new cables in the roadway and footpath.

Cables need to be installed in the roadway from Little Hay St across Sussex St. This will involve an excavation across Sussex St. Some parking changes and lane closures will be necessary and traffic controllers will be on-site to assist pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Ausgrid anticipates that the work in the Little Hay St area will be completed by the end of June 2011.

Future works

We will be conducting further upgrade work in other areas of Haymarket in the future. We’ll provide more information when this work is scheduled.

For further information

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this important upgrade work. If you would like further information please contact:

Emily Miller -Senior Community Liaison Officer

Phone: (02) 9663 9285