HCC's Collaborative Advantage

HCC's Collaborative Advantage

 Collaborative Advantage
"If you choose the right purpose, then certain people will be attracted by that.
They will be motivated and unified. ..The process fills in the open spaces.
But strong purpose ties it together. "  

Robert Wong Executive Creative Director of Google Creative Lab.*

The forthcoming business environment will see companies focused towards their competitive advantage.  This may include transforming their business model, mastering the basics again, reviewing their culture and human capital or developing as Harvard Business Review (HBR) refers to as a 'collaborative advantage'.

At HCC we frequently see the collaboration advantage occur between member to member whether that be between members in property and law services or with members in finance and investment, our network's strength lies in our members' focus to forge and foster strong relationships with other members.  

At our upcoming Christmas networking event, when meeting other members, consider our networking system and the potential possibilities towards your collaborative advantage and how your business can create'new value' rather than just exchange services.  Read more HERE

* Google Creative Lab reference HERE