Sydney Korean Business Association - Clean Sydney Campaign

Sydney Korean Business Association - Clean Sydney Campaign

The Sydney Korean Business Association has been undertaking the Clean Sydney Campaign for nearly for 2 years.
This campaign occurs once a month (on the 1st week wednesday from 11am to 12pm for 1 hour)
We meet at Live restaurant on Albion Place Sydney (near China town, the entry is from  537 George st,. Albion hotel)

There are about 200,000 smokers in Sydney at moment.  Smoking is banned at most of the buildings, pubs, restaurants etc and most of them are smoking on streets, then many of them simply throw away cigarett butts on street without guilty feelings.


We do this campaign to educate these people. We would like to contribute ourselves to make our city clean and pretty like Singapore or other cities around world.  We would like to do this campaign with your Haymarket Chamber of Commerce members.


Then, this campaign will have  strong impact in Sydney.  i wish that your members will come and join our campaign.
Best regards
Luke Song(the president of sydney korean business association)


Note: If interested in participating, please contact the Haymarket Chamber for further details.