May 2010 Media Release

May 2010 Media Release

May 2010 Media Release


More visitors for Chinatown



As one of the city’s most highly recognised and iconic districts - Sydney‘s Chinatown - is set to expand its marketing activities to take in new horizons.


With 300 food establishments and over a quarter of the city’s accommodation, the business community will be working closely with Tourism NSW and the City of Sydney on an exciting destination marketing campaign entitled Asia on your Doorstep.


Asia on your Doorstep is the brainchild of the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce and will kick off in July and run for three months.   Six of the area’s leading hotels have committed to offer special accommodation deals throughout the period of the campaign.


As well as accommodation deals, many of Chinatown’s leading restaurants are also chipping in with special offers to boost trade within the hospitality industry.


Haymarket Chamber President Brad Chan said that the Asia on your Doorstep campaign is coming at a good time for the area.  “Haymarket Chinatown has always been one of Sydney’s top visitor spots, but it’s time to revisit our marketing approach as it’s a very competitive environment at the moment.  We need to ensure Chinatown remains at the forefront as a destination as well as help provide the platform for our businesses to maximise trading opportunities.”


Mr Chan said the area has a distinctive offering and the campaign would be an excellent way to highlight the area’s strengths and boost its profile”.


The launch of a new Food Lovers Guide for Chinatown will coincide with the planned marketing campaign. The Haymarket Chamber has produced the guide with the support of the City of Sydney.  The guide has attracted advertisement from around 30 restaurants and will provide essential information on the area’s most popular dining establishments. It will also be downloadable via i-phone applications and will also be available via the website


As a result of strong enthusiasm for guided Food Lovers Tours of the area, these are currently being developed with a leading tourist organisation.  A special media event – the Dragon Tails Long Lunch - is also being planned to mark the occasion.


For more information on the campaign or these initiatives, please contact:


Brad Chan

President – Haymarket Chamber of Commerce

Phone 0403 340 799.




24 May 2010