* To promote the interests of business and commerce, traffic, transport and tourism in the Haymarket region.

* To represent the business community, promote and maintain the development, growth, welfare and interest of the community within the precinct, Chinatown, City of Sydney & neighbouring region generally, with the aim to create an active and vibrant precinct.

* To encourage the establishment of commercial, professional, retail and industrial organizations.

* To promote the interchange of services and information, to support or oppose measures affecting the commerce, businesses or community welfare of the precinct.

* To encourage friendly relations and trade between members and to enhance the precinct as a great place in which to work, conduct trade, visit and live.

* To promote interactive projects with the City of Sydney and other associations within our precinct.

* To promote a code of best business practice and ethics.

* To collect, compile and distribute business information and statistics of importance to the region and to create positive publicity and networking for businesses.

* To participate in issues connected to business, trade, commerce, tourism and community welfare, as well as any project or event that will enhance the cultural, social and educational facilities of the City of Sydney and the Haymarket region.

* To undertake training and further education for the benefit of members and to engage professional assistance for such services.