Chinatown Discovery Tours

Chinatown Discovery Tours


Chinatown Discovery Tours



Wednesday 17 February 2010

Friday 19 February 2010

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Thursday 25 February 2010



11am – 1pm


Starting Point:

McDonalds, Entertainment Centre, Harbour Street Haymarket.



Discover the amazing history of Sydney’s Chinatown - delve into its past, hear stories of its people, its emergence from muddied paddocks to the bustling tourist Mecca of today. These historical walking tours have been run in past years during Chinese New Year celebrations and have proved really popular and as a result in 2010, there are now four tours planned. The tours are two hours duration and are lead by George Wing Kee.



Gold coin donation & optional yum cha @ $18 per person



0403 302 578 (Percy) – numbers limited



Haymarket Chamber of Commerce