Business in Haymarket



Haymarket is a bustling commercial precinct located on the fringe of the Sydney CBD. It contains a significant range of businesses, employment and business floor areas. Actually the hun contains a number of blocks which from part of the Central Business District and it therefore provides an important contribution to many of the City-Based Industries. Moreover, it also houses the largest group of businesses outside of the CBD. 

Due to the presence of establishments with large site areas, such as the Darling Harbour Convention Centre, the National Maritime Museum and Central Station, much of the business activity is confined to the southern portion of the CBD. In particular, there is a large concentration of smaller business establishments within the Food and Drink and Rent and Personal Servicesindustries around the Chinatown Precinct.

The development of World Square has increased the number of businesses, employment and business floor area as well as adding to the number of residential dwellings. Despite this, the area contains the second smallest residential population of all the Village Centres.

The Haymarket Village Centre provides an important gateway between the surrounding Village Centres to the south and west and the Harbour Village Centre to the north. Although small in area, the secondary sector of the CBD ensures that the importances of the area is not ignored.




Note: The information provided in this overview has been taken from a report compiled by the City of Sydney.