Looking for an Intern for your business?

Looking for an Intern for your business?

Would you like to have some international air in your company? Would you like to give international students the chance to get to know your company and at the same time get some new ideas from overseas to help you out in your daily business with no cost for your company? Then the Professional Internship Program would be the perfect WIN-WIN situation for you!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Maria and I am the Internship Coordinator for the American Institute for Foreign Study, a global company aiming to bring the youth of the world together.


We place full-time unpaid interns into the field of their study so that they can gain valuable practical experience in their chosen industry. We have enjoyed healthy partnerships with Solar Sailor, Dematic, Bosch, CBA, DHL, the Hilton and Shangri-La (to name a few) and we would love for YOU to come on board as a Host Company. For our international Students it is extremely helpful to gain further experience before getting a ‘real’ job. At the same time, it is a good promotion for your company as they will tell their friends and other students of this experience.


I have attached some additional information about our company and the program. At present time we have applicants in the field of Accounting, Marketing, Engineering and Finance. Just review some of our candidate’s CVs and see if you would like to work with them.


Please keep in mind:


-          Each intern is fully covered by private health and public liability insurance which covers them for up to $US2million damage

-          No intern needs to be covered with Workers Compensation as this is also covered by their own insurance

-          No remuneration or payment needs to be made to the intern – this is an UNPAID internship – free exchange of experience and knowledge.

-          No intern expects to be offered a job position in the host company afterward – it is simply the experience they require

-          Each of our interns are fully qualified in the field of their internship

-          Each of our interns needs to pass a stringent Internationally recognized English test (IELTS) and have a level of 6.5/10 minimum

-          We place interns in the following fields – Accounting, IT, Engineering, Fashion, Graphic/Web Design, Law, Event Management, Marketing/PR, HR,  Media/Journalism, Media, Project Management, Risk Management, Finance and Business Administration.



I would also like to invite you to visit our website www.internshipaustralia.com.au. If you require an intern in another field please feel free to contact me with more details about


the role. Once I have received it from you, I will have a look at our candidate profiles which may be suitable. At the same time I will put your position requirements in to our webpage without indicating your organization / company name. This will not involve any cost to your organization / company either.


I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me again. Thank you.

Kind regards,



Maria Seliger


AIFS Australia Pty Ltd

we bring the world together

10-14 Oxford Square, 
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 Australia

Email: mseliger@aifsaustralia.com